Here is a collection of my finished or unfinished games.

  • Forgery
    Forgery is a game where you play as a broken artist who has ran out of options and starts counterfeiting money. It was created for a game jam.
  • Ace
    Ace is an HTML-based desktop-like interface with a collection of essential apps. It has a text editor, a painting application, a webcam and even more. Currently no download is available.
  • Neon Rush
    Neon rush is a simple autorunner game. It features very simplistic graphics, but performs pretty good on any computer and has touch support.
  • Zombiee
    Zombiee is and unfinished project that has maybe half of the engine done and no graphics drawn for it. But it has zombies. Updated with new features and polish.
  • Typewriter
    This is a minimalistic text editor that is purely HTML and CSS. It’s not special in any way, but it’s a pleasure to type in.
  • Pixel: The Game
    Pixel was just a test of what I could make with Construct 2’s built in sprite editor. I have only finished two levels and only the first one is compiled.
  • AlphaDog
    A tech demo of Engine D, and RPG engine for Construct 2.
  • City Building Simulator 2015
    A SimCity-like simulator that I started, it never took off.
  • Catch That Jetpack!
    A game made in 1 hour for the One hour game jam. Really simple, really short and really buggy. But what would you expect? Got 61 points in the competition.
  • Stop touching me!
    Another entry to the One hour game jam. The theme here is ‘Don’t touch me’.

Other uninteresting experiments:

You can visit my old website, where I had a smaller collection of these demos.